If you don’t do what makes you happy then you will feel stuck between a rock and crippling depression your whole life. Now it’s not to say that you can’t live a happy life by doing something that you hate, but more often than not, that’s probably not the case. 

  1. What makes you happy?

Finding a hobby, job, or person to spend your life with are usually some of the most common forms of external joy. Whatever it is, it just has to mean something to you. It has to be something you can wake up and look forward to. You have to gain something from it (not meaning that you have to physically gain something from a person, but companionship is certainly important). Gain knowledge, experience, enhance or supplement creativity, enrich your soul and/or provide a place to go, even if the place isn’t physical (like writing, for example).

     2. Make your dream reality

So you figured out what makes you happy, now what? Well, it’s not going to just magically appear. Work towards putting a plan into action. Take cars, for example. Let’s say you love cars, you know a lot more than the average person about them, and the screaming turbos make your heart flutter more than any man or woman ever could. You drive grandmothers passed-down 1986 Buick LaSabre, so how are you going to fulfill your dream of a 10-second pass in the 1/4 mile? Make a plan. What’s your dream car? What motor do you want to put in it? Will you put turbos/a supercharger on there or just build the motor? What kind of wheels are you going to put on it? Paint color? You have so much to choose from and no forum is going to tell you what you need to do to build YOUR car. You build it however you want. Buy the shell of your dream car, and work your way up to making your neighbors hate you.

     3. Escape the rut

You built your dream, created a work of art, made your fantasy come alive. So how do you escape this rut? Every day you looked forward to coming home and working on your wild vision of what can be, and made it something that is. Be proud. You did something for yourself because nobody could do it for you. Do it again. And again. And again. Do it until it kills you. No great man has ever gone out because he didn’t do something. A great man goes out when he keeps his passion alive until it can’t save him anymore. That’s why being happy is so important. You can’t live in the grand canyon and expect to have the freedom you deserve, live above the clouds and shine onto those below you who wish to follow in your footsteps. Lead a man to a cliff and he will turn away. Send him to the moon and he will dream of the stars. There’s no purpose to life if you can’t live, so do what you will to inspire the lost and guide the misdirected to a world that they didn’t know they could create.